An recreational vehicle park located in the location a little way from the center of the seat of a prefectural office in Mie-ken “Tsu-shi”.

The port where Japanese best is famous as a short city name”, but small “U” enters after “TSUU↑” and “TSU” at localness.

“TSU” it’s important for pronunciation to rise a little at “U”.

Japanese transcription 「津ぅ」

Mie-ken blessed with the nature which is abundant such as a scenic sawtooth coastline continues from the mountain where you can also ski, as well as an excursion for viewing scarlet maple leaves and mountaineering.

Japanese home Ise-jingu”, Kumano old road” and sacred place of a motorsport Please utilize “RV park Port U” as a pit spot of the way of the wandering life of a gambler as the base where “beauty, with the selling point of, national” (a horse, I lay,) Mie blessed with abundant nature, history culture and sea mountain products such as Suzuka Circuit” and a home of Iga way ninja” is enjoyed.

<Available number>
 With a power supply for 8
 Without power supplies for 7
 Substantially! Water supply and the warm water system wash place full equipment
 Comfortable! A restroom and a shower room, it’s available for 24 hours.
 Convenient! A laundromat of latest facilities is juxtaposed. You can use wi – fi in the park again, so please ask the time of a reception desk about a use password. Pond DEJI and broadcasting satellite come and can receive a television cable.
 There is also multi-purpose space with a roof. Please also use it for reserved use by a group.